Kontakt: Illuminated Shelving


Award Winning, Easily Movable, Cable-Free, Integrally Illuminated Retail Shelving System

Movable, illuminated shelving that ensures your products are perfectly lit, without the fuss. With no wires or connectors and no need for costly electrical specialists or shopfitters, after initial installation, Kontakt is used to easily keep stores on brand, and products flawlessly illuminated.

By making it as simple as picking up a shelf and moving it, our illuminated shelving allows shop staff to quickly and easily refresh product displays in line with changing promotions and seasonality.

A high-quality, versatile solution for retailers, designers and visual merchandising teams, the simplicity and ingenuity of Kontakt results in bespoke LED lighting, specific to your products, shelving and layout, while at the same time helping to lower overall logistical costs.

Kontakt was awarded ‘Interior Luminaire of the Year’ at the Lux Awards 2015, and nominated for the Retail Design Expo Innovation Trail & Awards 2016.


How it Works

While simple to use, Kontakt is the culmination of some very creative electrical engineering and lighting ingenuity.

Running off a flexible track system which is mostly concealed, and having brackets that are hidden within it’s shelves, Kontakt allows power to flow in either direction across the LEDs. This means shelves can be moved and products merchandised far more easily than ever before, and results in an aesthetic not previously attainable in such an adaptable system.

With powder coat based technology that gives the perfect level of insulation and specialist alloy brackets being super conductive and allowing maximum current into the luminaires, the result is elegance of design, and a sleek minimalism that lets the product do the talking. The shelves seem to float on air while the products are perfectly lit.

Kontakt can be easily merchandised by shop staff and is designed to support products up to 25kg. Wall panels and shelves are available in a myriad of finishes including glass, and the LED lighting is available in colour temperatures across the range to suit the product suite.