LED Lightboxes


At Unibox, we have everything you need to create engaging, impactful retail LED lightbox displays, that drive footfall, generate sales and enhance brand awareness.

Our LED light boxes have virtually no size limitations and can be customised to your exact needs, colours, and specifications, making them suitable for any retail environment.

And, with the option of easy to change fabric lightbox graphics to keep up with in-store promotions and seasonality, LED light boxes can be updated without a shopfitting team therefore lowering overall logistical costs.

Combining specially created aluminium profiles and range of graphic options – including removable tension fabric graphics and Duratrans quality photographic prints – our LED light boxes are designed to deliver maximum impact.

LED Light boxes can be single or double-sided, freestanding, wall mounted, integrated, or ceiling hung.

And, helping to maintain brand consistency, our LED Light boxes can also be powder coated, plated, and custom-finished to your precise requirements, including wood/stone/graphic finishes directly to the aluminium – contact us for more info.


The Range

At Unibox we use the very latest technology to produce large-format printed structures, creating striking illuminated graphic displays with virtually no size-limits.

With precision–engineered aluminium frames and fabric graphics that can be changed quickly and easily without relying on visual merchandising teams, our impactful, large-scale retail lightboxes help to drive footfall, generate sales and enhance brand awareness. Unibox lightboxes use solid-state LED lighting. This allows us to maintain a compact footprint while attaining high brightness levels and perfectly even light distribution across a large interchangeable graphic surface.

Large-Format Lightboxes

At Unibox we use the very latest technology to produce huge format printed structures, creating striking illuminated graphic displays with virtually no size-limits.

Ledge 46

A backlit tension fabric lightbox, Ledge 46 uses a 46mm deep frame and is designed to be wall mounted.

The ledge 46 can be used as a standard lightbox, or seamlessly wrap around columns.

Ledge 65

Ledge 65 is manufactured using a slim aluminium frame.

Combining flexible LED modules, mounted onto ACP backpanels, Ledge 65 is designed to be wall mounted and can be scaled up to huge sizes.

Ledge 135

A backlit tension fabric lightbox with a 135mm deep frame designed to be wall mounted or freestanding in larger sizes.

Ledge 135 utilises flexible LEDs for high-powered illumination, with even graphic illumination.

Slimline Lightboxes

A line of modular, lightweight, robust and slimline LED Lightboxes that can be reconfigured to suit various retail display applications.

Ledge 22

Super-slim Ledge 22 utilises cutting-edge laser-etching technology combined with state of the art solid-state LED Light engine.

Our solid-state LED lighting allows us to maintain a compact footprint, high brightness levels, and perfectly even light distribution.

Ledge 34

Ledge 34 uses our edge lit panel technology to perfectly illuminate tension fabric graphics.

The 34mm profile is slim enough for most wall mounted applications and even larger custom sizes are uniformly and brightly illuminated.

Integrated Lightboxes

As with all Unibox lightboxes, our integrated range can be configured to suit most retail display applications. But it’s within POS displays that this particular product really shines.

Our lightboxes utilise solid-state LED lighting which allows us to maintain a compact footprint, high brightness levels and perfectly even light distribution across a large interchangeable graphic surface.

Flux 18

Flux 18 is the complete solution for your illuminated POS displays.

An edge-lit panel provides incredibly bright and even illumination across custom sized graphic display frames. The aluminium frame houses the laser etched light-guide plate, LEDs, wiring and thermal management, allowing it to be built into any display fixture. Duratrans graphics are held in place by a PETG lens with a magnetic fixing, creating a high quality graphic display.

Ledge 50

Ledge 50 is a lightweight high quality lightbox suitable for ceiling-hung signage, integrated gondola signage and wayfinding.

Our thinnest double sided lightbox, Ledge 50 uses the latest technology to provide bright, even illumination on both sides, from a single light-source. Ledge 50 can also be integrated into the top of a gondola unit to create an impactful POS display solution or can be made free-standing with the addition of base plates.

Double Sided Lightboxes

Making the most of available space and maximising visual impact our double-sided light boxes ensure your retail displays are seen in the very best light possible.

Ledge 105

Ledge 105 is a double-sided LED lightbox that uses ultra-bright LED modules and can be combined with our innovative magnetic display system – Magnetik.

Magnetik Lightbox Display System

Magnetik integrates product display systems into LED lightboxes, allowing merchandise to be introduced alongside custom graphics.

With our single-sided slimline & double-sided variations of Magnetik, you can transform retail displays incredibly quickly.


Magnetik is a concealed magnetic shelving system, creating a complete illuminated graphic and product display solution.



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